Lesbian vintage hairy hot in "Hong Kong Hookers"


Name: Hong Kong Hookers

Country: United States


Year: 1980

Duration: 55 min

Language: English

Categories: Lesbian vintage hairy hot, 1980, United States, English, Mei Ling, Loren Quim, Samantha Fong, Norma James, Kim, Kai, Jean Qu Ho, Suzy Hirrkin, Sue Swanson, Mike Ranger, R.J. Reynolds, John Dalton, Lesbian, Masturbation, Asian

Actors: Mike Ranger,R.J. Reynolds,John Dalton

Actress: Mei Ling,Loren Quim,Samantha Fong,Norma James,Kim,Kai,Jean Qu Ho,Suzy Hirrkin,Sue Swanson

Samantha Fong has a stunningly rip body her sweet smile and tiny, hard nippled breast are reminiscent of a young girl on the verge of womanhood. But don’t let her under developed bosom fool you Sam can pleasure a man in the most wild and erotic ways. She has been practicing from a very early age. Loren Qui has her own specialty: she’s a bi sexual and reaps big profits by licking her tricks wives while their husbands ream her from the rear. And then there’s Jean Quho. She dresses in a maid’s uniform and willfully submits to the dominant desires of her mistress, who is usually the beautiful wife of a dignitary who can’t restrain her latent lesbian desire to taste a young girl’s sweet crotch. Whether they’re pleasuring a client’s huge cock or caressing their own hot bodies, these Far East hookers will make you want to die when they reveal their exquisite sexual talents!

Lesbian vintage hairy hot in "Hong Kong Hookers"

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Lesbian vintage hairy hot1980United StatesEnglishMei LingLoren QuimSamantha FongNorma JamesKimKaiJean Qu HoSuzy HirrkinSue SwansonMike RangerR.J. ReynoldsJohn DaltonLesbianMasturbationAsian

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