Eleonore Melzer nude - "Reifeprufung auf der Schulbank"


Name: Reifeprufung auf der Schulbank

Duration: 75 min

Director: Jan Apfeld

Year: 1982

Country: Germany

Language: German

This 80s German vintage porn movie is a story of an erotomaniac who got a job as a PE teacher in high school. It's hard to imagine any better job for him, as most of his students turn out to be not innocent girls but frisky cock-hungry babes. Besides, the new teacher's female collegues are also dying to seduce him...

Categories: Eleonore Melzer nude, 1982, Germany, German, Jan Apfeld, Dorle Buchner, Eleonore Melzer, Christine Krenner, Mario Moretti, Werner Singh, Gunther Amann

Actress: Dorle Buchner,Eleonore Melzer,Christine Krenner

Actors: Mario Moretti,Werner Singh,Gunther Amann

Eleonore Melzer nude - "Reifeprufung auf der Schulbank"

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


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