Erika Cool - 1970s sex


Name: Brigade Call Girls


Duration: 77 min

Country: France

Year: 1977

Language: French

Actors: Jacques Gatteau,Gilbert Servien,Joelle Le Quement

Actress: Erika Cool,Marie-Christine Chireix,Anne Libert

Categories: 1970s sex, Erika Cool, 1977, France, French, Erika Cool, Marie-Christine Chireix, Anne Libert, Jacques Gatteau, Gilbert Servien, Joelle Le Quement

A mysterious maniac kills call-girls of Madame Chlo’s network. Why does Leila not return from her mission in Moscow? Why does Madame Chlo send some of her girls to the dentist before their mission abroad? What is the exact role of the Counselor Bruner ? Jacques Lefin conducts the investigation ... but he is himself watched and in danger,… which does not prevent him from taking particular care of the call-girls alive and more particularly of a beautiful prostitute, Gigi (Erika Cool).

Erika Cool - 1970s sex

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


1970s sexErika Cool1977FranceFrenchMarie-Christine ChireixAnne LibertJacques GatteauGilbert ServienJoelle Le Quement

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