Sylvia Diams nude in "Extases Extra-Conjugales"


Name: Extases Extra-Conjugales

Country: France

Language: English

Duration: 63 min

Director: Frédéric Lansac

Year: 1976


Categories: Sylvia Diams nude, 1976, France, English, Frédéric Lansac, Sylvia Bourdon, Marie-Christine Guennec, Michele Grubert, Ingrid d'Eve, Sylvia Diams

Actress: Sylvia Bourdon,Marie-Christine Guennec,Michele Grubert,Ingrid d'Eve,Sylvia Diams

Julio and Daniel are married lovers, cheating on their respective spouses for some three years. Until they decide to make it official. They head to Mexico to celebrate their newfound freedom. And find a land over the border and over the line. A town obsessed with sex, devoid of any petense of propriety and home to "The Last Passage," where absolutely every erotic fantasy is fulfilled.

Sylvia Diams nude in "Extases Extra-Conjugales"

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


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