Anita Dalon movies in "The Winter Of 1849"


Name: The Winter Of 1849

Actress: Andrea True,Sunny Summers,Anita Dalon,Dede Bond

Actors: John Seeman,Ken Scudder,Rick Taziner

Categories: Anita Dalon movies, 1976, United States, English, Rik Taziner, Andrea True, Sunny Summers, Anita Dalon, Dede Bond, John Seeman, Ken Scudder, Rick Taziner

Year: 1976

Director: Rik Taziner

Duration: 64 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Peckinpah meets porno in this moody existential western (directed and starring someone named RIK TAZINER), set in The Winter of 1849, in which the expression "Ride ’em, cowboy!" takes on an entirely different meaning. Lost in a vast frozen wasteland, three grubby, escaped convicts, Curt, Zeke, and Lenny, make for the cabin of old Ezra and Martha where they expect to find "a nice warm place to relax, and good grub." But old Ezra is defunct, and Martha now lives alone in the "God-forsaken wilderness" with her two girls, strawberry blonde Middle Girl and Virginal Beth. Though Zeke can’t wait to eat "some o’ those fine vittles," this is a porno flick, ladies and gentlemen, so when the three desperados arrive at the snowbound cabin, everybody chows down on groins, not grub. Curt, a boozy, grizzled, eye-patched sonofabitch who belches when he cums, almost instantly screws the more-than willing Middle Girl, then fucks Virginal Beth whereupon Middle Girl shoots Curt which causes Curt to strangle Middle Girl, all of which ends up with both of them buried under the snow out back. The cabin is thus left to Zeke and Martha, and to Lenny and Beth, who all do what one would expect them to do after the dual tragedy of accident. They fuck. After all, "with two good men around here, everything could get the right kind of care!" Especially since Martha (ANDREA TRUE) is "some kind o’ woman." What kind? The kind that "gets a man so het-up, he’d do anything." And Beth... Well, Beth is about as damn close as we’ll ever get to real virginal innocence in a porno flick. When she licks on Lenny’s log, it really seems like the fist time for her. A major, major turn-on, folks! When Lenny slips it in, she purrs "lt’s so good! It fits so perfect! Just as I imagined in my dreams!" And I believe her! Lenny (JOHN SEEMAN) looks like a modern-day CPA dressed up for Halloween, but the rest of the cast, as well as the landscape, all feel like the genuine article. So much so that the wind is heard howling coldly throughout the movie, even during the fucking scenes inside the cabin. It’s not often one gets to see cowboys and cum shots in the same film and The Winter of 1849 is the kind of dirty western that’ll put a smile on six-shooters every where. Giddy-yup!

Anita Dalon movies in "The Winter Of 1849"

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