Mature germany sex retro - "Stammtisch Thema Nr. 1"


Name: Stammtisch Thema Nr. 1

Actress: Claudia Mehringer,Sylvia Brand,Gisela Schwarz,Renate Ruhland

Categories: Mature germany sex retro, 1978, Germany, German, Claudia Mehringer, Sylvia Brand, Gisela Schwarz, Renate Ruhland, Peter Bond

Actors: Peter Bond

Country: Germany

Language: German


Year: 1978

Duration: 75 min

A group of men meet in a pub, at the regulars table. There they talk about sex, and each has a story to tell. For example, in the first story a husband (Peter Bond) makes his wife (Julia 3) dress up as a prostitute in public, wearing only underwear under her coat, to get aroused and initiate marital sex (Incidentally, that idea had been nicked from Hausfrauen-Report 3.). When even that fails, she returns to the pickup place, fetches a real whore (Gisela Schwarz) plus client, and back home they have a foursome...

Mature germany sex retro - "Stammtisch Thema Nr. 1"

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Mature germany sex retro1978GermanyGermanClaudia MehringerSylvia BrandGisela SchwarzRenate RuhlandPeter Bond

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