70s sex videos in "Ski Ball"


Name: Ski Ball

Country: United States

Duration: 51 min

Language: English

Director: Jay Herman

Year: 1974

This movie answers the question, how bad can it get? It is a terrible, early 70s sex film done as cheaply as possible. The greatest cost being getting it processed at the store.The plot: three young women go away for a ski weekend. On the way, they pretend their car breaks down so some men, or as they put it in their quaint way, "some c**k" will help them. They get to the lodge and everyone - except one of the men - has sex. Then some ski footage. After that, they come back to the lodge and have sex, only now there are 4 women. After 2 rounds of sex, they go skiing, then have sex. After that, the women go out, go back to their car and leave, while the movie replays snippets of what happened, as if a memory.There are only 7 stars in this opus, 3 men and 4 women. The men sport typical 70s facial hair and leave you wondering how any women could be that hard up. One thing good about it is seeing what their doing leaves the rest of us guys saying, "There's hope!" The women are attractive enough, what we see of them, that is. The camera work often leaves their heads off and when they show them, quite often, their hair is in the way. One of the stars is Sue Mitchell, who, according to IMDb is the star of, "Teenage Cheerleader." Sue was beautiful. She was a naturally pretty woman, with a cottage cheese butt, but her eyes remind me of Dana Delany's. She's the reaguy I got this movie, as I'm a big fan. Sorry, IMDb, the Sue Mitchell in this trash is not the same one. Nobody in this even closely resembles Suzie Mitchell of TC.The color looks like it was done by Crayola crayons. The lighting looks like it was done by Thomas Eddiguy himself. It all smacks of having been done with an 8mm camera in a hotel room on a Saturday afternoon. Even the credits are hand drawn.Don't waste your time with this. If you're a fan of entertainment, you'd be less frustrated watching cement dry. If you are fan of Suzie Mitchell, as I am, she's not in this.

Actors: Dave DeBall,John Desoto,Tony Finch

Categories: 70s sex videos, 1974, United States, English, Jay Herman, Susie Corker, Sue Mitchell, Clara Bower, Ann Toinette, Dave DeBall, John Desoto, Tony Finch

Actress: Susie Corker,Sue Mitchell,Clara Bower,Ann Toinette

70s sex videos in "Ski Ball"

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