Barbara Scott movies in "Hon Alskade En Sommar"


Name: Hon Alskade En Sommar

Romeo Calligari picks up and seduces Gladys, a married woman whose husband is away. Gladyss girl spies on them while they are making love and decides to seduce Calligari herself. She succeeds and Gladys is left frustrated and reduced to picking up a man in a bar. The man thinks he has taken advantage of her in her relaxen state, but as she leaves, she takes money out of her purse and throws it at him...


Year: 1977

Duration: 80 min

Country: Sweden

Language: Swedish

Categories: Barbara Scott movies, 1977, Sweden, Swedish, Anne Magle, Barbara Scott


Actress: Anne Magle,Barbara Scott

Barbara Scott movies in "Hon Alskade En Sommar"

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


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