Jenny Kontou nude - "Kane me diki sou"


Name: Kane me diki sou

Actors: Dimitris Katsaros,Giorgos Karras,Aris Stratigos,Karolos Kapis

Categories: Jenny Kontou nude, 1985, Greece, Greek, Thanasis Dimou, Katerina Spathi, Pegy Simou, Jenny Kontou, Christine Zeta, Zoi Roma, Vlandi, Dimitris Katsaros, Giorgos Karras, Aris Stratigos, Karolos Kapis

Actress: Katerina Spathi,Pegy Simou,Jenny Kontou,Christine Zeta,Zoi Roma,Vlandi

Director: Thanasis Dimou

Language: Greek

Duration: 73 min

Year: 1985

Country: Greece

In a big Greek city by the sea a couple of tourist friends go out on a date with a guy who gets them horny enough to fuck them both at the same time. From a thrilling threesome with petite teen girls to a series of hard fuck scenes and sloppy blowjobs, the dirty stories of horny chicks and their lovers are masterfully told in this rare piece of vintage porn in which the girls only stop fucking when they have to return to their own country.

Jenny Kontou nude - "Kane me diki sou"

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


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