70s sex movies in "Das Haus Der Geheimen Luste"


Name: Das Haus Der Geheimen Luste


Categories: 70s sex movies, 1979, Germany, German, Hans Billian, Alma Katz, Lydia Loring

Actress: Alma Katz,Lydia Loring

A very well-produced German feature, Legend Passions (1979) follows the patriarch winner of a morality award as the hypocrisy of his award unravels around him with unending sex. Fantastic Victorian-era costuming and mansion setting add to the flavour. Quite frankly, there's so much fucking and sucking going on here through interweaving story lines it's hard to pinpoint any one standout, though the four-way between the neighbouring worker and the three daughters is a girl-on-girl-on-guy gruff sweaty number that pleases. Maids are fucked by masters, wives are fucked by doctors, the son is turned out as a prostitute as grandma watches, old fathers diddle their daughters' snatches, and the daughter fucks the journalist trying to document it all.

Country: Germany

Year: 1979

Language: German

Duration: 74 min

Director: Hans Billian

70s sex movies in "Das Haus Der Geheimen Luste"

Sunday, August 28, 2016


70s sex movies1979GermanyGermanHans BillianAlma KatzLydia Loring

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