Vintage interracial sex videos - "Heather Hunted"


Name: Heather Hunted

Actress: Madison,Heather Hunter,Heather Sinclair

Actors: Mike Horner,Jake Steed,Lance Heywood

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A decent good guy, bad guy/cops and robbers yam with Heather Hunter coming across as extremely likeable and vulnerable, Heather Hunted features hot sex scenes and relatively new faces. When Madiguy arrives at Heather Hunter's stately home to the strains of creepy music, you just know she's trouble. Hunter takes her in as a roomie anyway. It isn't long before they're enjoying a girl-girl gnasher on the staircase. Hunter strikes athletic poses and makes her trademark moan music. Madiguy emerges as a manipulative woman who has the knack of getting what she wants. Her mysterious "friend" Mike Horner suddenly appears asking about some film -- evidence in Madison's blackmailing scheme of a senator which eventually lands her in the morgue. Good production all around.

Language: English

Duration: 80 min

Year: 1990

Director: Judy Blue

Country: United States

Vintage interracial sex videos - "Heather Hunted"

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


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