Kari Foxx pornstar - "Xterminator"


Name: Xterminator

Actress: Shanna McCullough,Trinity Loren,Kari Foxx,Chanel Price,Patti Petite

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Actors: Marc Wallace,Steve Drake,Rick Savage,Chuck Martin

Duration: 76 min

Language: English

Director: Adam

Country: United States

Year: 1986

"Macho Man" sex comes to life in The Xterminator, as male fantasies are portrayed non-stop throughout this shot-on-video feature. Big busts, big blondes and burning brunettes are ready, willing and more than able to satisfy each guy's sexual needs, and they never ask for anything more than a wet shot in return. Some knowledge of the mainstream film The Terminator is necessary, as the plot here is minimal. Tony Martin plays the X-rated version of Arnold What'shisname's box office smash. The mono-syllable Martin visits the Pleasure Palace to witness human sex, and hostess Patti Petite takes him for a tour of what seems like the ultimate male dream. All the sex here —and there's a lot— caters to every post-puberty male fantasy. There's boy/girl, girl/girl, three-ways, anal, and a feature-ending marathon where the robotic Martin runs from woman to woman until all four have a taste of his motor oil. The action comes fast and furious, and the attractive cast adds to the eroticism. The sex more than makes up for what is lacking in plot and production quality (some muffled audio, scenes out of focus and voice dubs). The cast gives it their all, especially Martin in the last scene, and the ending has a nice twist. But The Xterminator is not recommended for couples, as women may find the shallow characters and sex-for sex's sake attitude unappealing.

Kari Foxx pornstar - "Xterminator"

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