Vintage lesbian tube - "Bocca golosa"


Name: Bocca golosa

Country: Italy

Director: Claudio Bernabei

Year: 1981

Language: Italian

Duration: 83 min

Actors: Mark Shannon,Erminio Bianchi,Carmine Zarrillo,Spartaco Maggetti

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Actress: Laura Levi,Pauline Teutscher,Francoise Perrot,Sonia Bennett

I can't find a plot summary, or any other info about the flick for that matter, anywhere (or at least not in English). But the flick seems to be about some hussy that goes to her shrink, then some sketchy older gentleman, then a party, then some sort of psychic seance or some shit, all with occasional sexy couplings going on for good measure.

Vintage lesbian tube - "Bocca golosa"

Friday, January 20, 2017


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