Teka Lanza fuck in "Gemidos E Sussurros"


Name: Gemidos E Sussurros

Three separate nut yey interconnected stories of a small Mexican town all tell a tale of incredible lust and crazy hot sex, with bondage, domination, and whatever the heart or a dick desires. From a small motel, to a rich couple's ranch and a creepy secluded stabl, every young chick in this movie fucks with such passion that it should be considered as a classic of the golden age of porn movies

Actress: Marcia Ferro,Claudete Joubert,Zaira Bueno,Teka Lanza,Grace Beck,Bianca Blonde,Fabiola Fayane

Categories: Teka Lanza fuck, 1987, Brazil, Portuguese, Raffaele Rossi, Marcia Ferro, Claudete Joubert, Zaira Bueno, Teka Lanza, Grace Beck, Bianca Blonde, Fabiola Fayane, Luiz Carlos Braga, Laerte Calicchio, Neide Casagrande, Castor Guerra

Actors: Luiz Carlos Braga,Laerte Calicchio,Neide Casagrande,Castor Guerra

Year: 1987

Duration: 71 min

Language: Portuguese

Country: Brazil

Director: Raffaele Rossi

Teka Lanza fuck in "Gemidos E Sussurros"

Thursday, January 26, 2017


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