Germany mature sex retro : "Teenage Emanuelle"


Name: Teenage Emanuelle

Language: German

Country: Italy

Director: Lorenzo Onorati

Duration: 96 min

Year: 1981

Actors: Brunello Chiodetti

Actress: Marina Hedman,Catherine Ringer,Guia Lauri Filzi,Nadine Roussial

Categories: Germany mature sex retro, 1981, Italy, German, Lorenzo Onorati, Marina Hedman, Catherine Ringer, Guia Lauri Filzi, Nadine Roussial, Brunello Chiodetti

Angela (Emy) joins a group of charming young ladies applying at a school. The schools headmistress (G. L. Filzi) first welcomes Angela. Then she rejects her on the grounds that she is too young for the school. But she agrees after letting her undergo a medical examination. Then we enjoy a wonderful stripping scene where the six new students undress in a blue and red room. Really a beautiful scene! A man is watching them from behind a see-through mirror. Another man (with a moustache) joins him and they talk about how sweet one of the girls is. The headmistress comes and forbids them to lay their hands on any of the girls while Angela is posing behind the mirror...

Germany mature sex retro : "Teenage Emanuelle"

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


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