Germany sex retro : "Paris Painting"


Name: Paris Painting

Language: German

Year: 1990



Duration: 70 min

During the intro there is a long panning shot showing the roof tops of Paris, France. French Cafe music plays, which makes a welcome change from the norm usually associated with this type of film.Dolores, Eva and Patrik de-monstrate a painting workshop for Aktmalerei. Where else than on the roofs of Paris you will learn the best. The imagination of the artist there are no limits set and developed each its own hot dream. There are curved Lustful the brush and deeply immersed into the Pink, since it is not injected, currys, and Kim, appears too late, get a private lesson missed by the teacher. A orgy range sexual excesses in Paris. Book also worrying you 90 minutes at the coolest painting of Montmartre.


Categories: Germany sex retro, 1990, German, Suraya Jamal

Actress: Suraya Jamal

Germany sex retro : "Paris Painting"

Friday, February 3, 2017


Germany sex retro1990GermanSuraya Jamal

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