Adult 1980 girls - "Ramb-Ohh"


Name: Ramb-Ohh

Actress: Candie Evens,Krista Lane,Careena Collins,Bunnie Blake,Pauline Pepper

Categories: Adult 1980 girls, 1986, United States, English, Adam, Candie Evens, Krista Lane, Careena Collins, Bunnie Blake, Pauline Pepper, Peter North, Tom Byron, Francois, Buddy Love, Ray Wells, Francois Papilion, Facial

Actors: Peter North,Tom Byron,Francois,Buddy Love,Ray Wells,Francois Papilion

Year: 1986

Country: United States

Director: Adam

Language: English

Duration: 89 min

Sandra (Pauline Pepper) is up the creek and in the clutches of the head-honcho (Cary Blastum) of Executive Escape; a notorious sex club that in reality is a terrorist group with plans to blow a battalion of American soldiers to Kingdom Come. But their best laid plans fall ass-under when wayfaring war-hero, Ramb-ohh (Peter North) rescues said lady-in-distress then plunges head first past the corporate carnality to penetrate the inside action – leaving the honcho and his henchmen (1 & 2) wondering just what hit them as our grunt-on-the-hunt, with the full co-operation of a curvaceous under-cover cop (Barbie Blake), hunker down and dirty for the final count-down.

Adult 1980 girls - "Ramb-Ohh"

Friday, April 21, 2017


Adult 1980 girls1986United StatesEnglishAdamCandie EvensKrista LaneCareena CollinsBunnie BlakePauline PepperPeter NorthTom ByronFrancoisBuddy LoveRay WellsFrancois PapilionFacial

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