Vanessa Del Rio - 70s sex videos


Name: Teenage Bikers

Actors: Jamie Gillis,Bobby Astor,John Buco,Jeri Niles

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Actress: Vanessa Del Rio,Clea Carson,Patty Charles

In the 1970's many main stream movies were spoofed by the pornographers. This could be one of them, but actually it isn't. A spoof still has got something to do with the original. But this porn flick has nothing to do with any existing movie whatsoever. Yes, we see some bikes and bikers in the first two minutes and some porn scenes evolve round people having sex on a bike, but that is it. Of the total running time less than 5 minutes is dedicated to bikes and bikers and more than 50 minutes are used to show us sex scenes.The female cast is not very attractive, except for the fans of Vanessa Del Rio, who might disagree. The sex scenes are tedious and uninteresting. Except for lovers of Vanessa del Rio again, who may be interested in seeing a chain pulled out of her intimate parts...Even the title is a lie. There is no teenager around in this movie. All let's say 'stars' are clearly over 20 years old. And seeing Gillis pretending to be a young biker is no revelation either.I saw the Something Weird Video presentation. It is clearly a transfer from a very poor VHS edition. They did nothing to improve the quality, so from time to time you can't even figure out who is who. It is also unclear whether the biker scenes were recorded for this movie, or foot stockage was used.A very bad movie in extremely poor quality. Something Weird Video has dug out some nice pieces of trash from the 60's and 70's. This one should have been left alone to rot in the pile of dung it belongs.

Director: Richard Mailer

Language: English

Duration: 55 min

Year: 1977

Country: United States

Vanessa Del Rio - 70s sex videos

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


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