Carmen Olivera fuck in "Chateau Of Discipline"


Name: Chateau Of Discipline

Categories: Carmen Olivera fuck, 1973, United States, English, Suzanne Fields, Sandi Carey, Carmen Olivera, Becky Sharpe, Howard Alexander, Latin

Actress: Suzanne Fields,Sandi Carey,Carmen Olivera,Becky Sharpe

Actors: Howard Alexander

Jot down the address of the Chateau of Discipline because SUZANNE (Flesh Gordon) FIELDS runs the place, and SANDI CAREY is held prisoner there! All the paraphernalia you expect to find in a Chateau of Discipline are hauled out when took Sandi is hauled in, and watching this golden goddess play the part of a tormented sex to fuck and suck rude masked men with whips is alone worth the price of admission. But there are other rooms in the Chateau of Discipline, and in every one, some bit of B&D is afoot, all of which is monitored by Suzanne on multiple screens. Every one of the prisoners of the Chateau of Discipline is a knockout. Additional ropes and chains are available for a nominal extra charge.

Duration: 58 min

Language: English


Country: United States

Year: 1973

Carmen Olivera fuck in "Chateau Of Discipline"

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Carmen Olivera fuck1973United StatesEnglishSuzanne FieldsSandi CareyCarmen OliveraBecky SharpeHoward AlexanderLatin

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