Kari Foxx nude - "The Red Garter"


Name: The Red Garter

Language: English

Duration: 81 min



Year: 1986

Categories: Kari Foxx nude, 1986, English, Nina Hartley, Hyapatia Lee, Colleen Brennan, Misty Regan, Kari Foxx, Tish Ambrose, Richard Pacheco

Actress: Nina Hartley,Hyapatia Lee,Colleen Brennan,Misty Regan,Kari Foxx,Tish Ambrose

Actors: Richard Pacheco

In this scorching 1986 sizzler, The Red Garter is the name of a steamy L.A. strip club that's owned by luscious Hyapatia Lee. It's a place where guys go to dream away the cares of the day, and where the strippers actually enjoy their time in the spotlight. But now Hyapatia's lesbian gal pal Colleen Brennan wants her to sell the joint and come live in luxury with her. She doesn't want to sell, and instead spends her time dreaming of erotic encounters with her well-built lawyer Richard Pacheco. Okay, so the plot's not all that amazing. The action certainly is! Filled with luscious natural beauties and plenty of strip club bump-and-grind, 'Red Garter' has what it takes to get a rise out of any audience!

Kari Foxx nude - "The Red Garter"

Saturday, May 20, 2017


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