Priscila Presley in 1980s sex videos


Name: Emocoes Sexuais de um Jegue

A sadist delinquent called Gavião (Sady Baby) escapes from jail with the HIV virus, then he s a blond woman in a coffin that he calls "the coffin of love" in this segment we can hear a Rod Stewart's guyg called "Tonight i'm yours" , after theGavião meets in the middle of the jungle a strange guy with a huge beard that starts to laugh and show him a journal that notices "criminal Gavião escapes from Jail with AIDS" then he leads him to the village he used to live. Gavião finds his wife pregnant , and after some torture, the woman confessed the name of the dad... which is Gavião's Dad , the "old man Paçoca" , then he ties his wife and burn the house down and moves to Paçoca's house and find his girl pregnant too, old man's Paçoca strikes again. Gavião claims for vengeance , and begin to hunt his dad in whore houses and other strange places, he destroy's some people on the way .. in a very bizarre scene he enters in a party with a chainsaw and destroys a guy. in the final scene he finally found the old man Paçoca and this is the climax of the film, a very dramatic scene.


Year: 1986

Language: Portuguese

Duration: 68 min

Country: Brazil

Actress: Priscila Presley,Sofia Blummer

Actors: Pedro de Lara,Taramoa

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Priscila Presley in 1980s sex videos

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