Jessica James actress - "Blonde In Blue Flanel"


Name: Blonde In Blue Flanel

Actors: TT Boy,Alex Sanders,Steven St. Croix,Tony Tedeschi

Categories: Jessica James actress, 1995, United States, English, Eric Edwards, Jessica James, Olivia, Sweety Pie, Morgan Daniels, TT Boy, Alex Sanders, Steven St. Croix, Tony Tedeschi

Actress: Jessica James,Olivia,Sweety Pie,Morgan Daniels

Language: English

Duration: 133 min

Country: United States

Year: 1995

Director: Eric Edwards

Market this as a highly voyeuristic soap opera. During dialogue rehearsal, T.T. Boy and super-busty Olivia get carried away and copulate on the set as the other performers watch from a few feet away and the writer (Tony Tedeschi) informs a peek from afar. Later, Tony (riding an exercise bicycle at an increasingly rapid pace) watches Christina West and a very oral Juliette do a number on Alex Sanders.Peeping Tony then catches Morgan Daniels and J.R. Carrington getting lick-happy in an outdoor tonguefest. Tony finally gets laid by his imaginary (?) friend Jessica James in a slow, romantic fireplace setting (sure to please fans of young busty blonde babes). In the finale, J.R. gets her "dust rag" worked over by Steven St. Croix and T.T. Boy atop office furniture. Who needs Lemon Pledge?Jessica James is delightful to watch and her eagerness can take her a long way in this business (she just needs to loosen up a bit and not try so hard). An appreciative squeeze of the tit should also go to J.R. who, once she warms up, proves that she can deliver dialogue as well as a tongue.

Jessica James actress - "Blonde In Blue Flanel"

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