80s sex videos in "Twisted Girls"


Name: Twisted Girls

Actress: Stephanie Rage,Brandy Wine,Michele Gabriel,Lisa Gabriel

Actors: Peter North,Ray Love,Nick Frenaire,Rick Aponte

Categories: 80s sex videos, 1988, United States, English, Milton Ingley, Stephanie Rage, Brandy Wine, Michele Gabriel, Lisa Gabriel, Peter North, Ray Love, Nick Frenaire, Rick Aponte

Language: English

Director: Milton Ingley

Country: United States

Duration: 84 min

Year: 1988

Peter North plays a phychologist who works with a very difficult patient. This woman is a repeat sex offender, she seduces men and uses them as sex objects. All she needs is hard fucking, and she uses anything from seduction to blackmailing to get it. When all else fails, the psychologist decided that there's no other way to prove to her that sex can be tender, romantic and affectionate than to actually make love to her. Will the crazy sex addict respond to that new kind of treatment or is she gonna use her doctor just like the rest of the men she had sex with? You'll find the answer in this wonderful classic porn movie, and these fantastic sex scenes that feature hot blowjobs, wild lovemaking and great cum shots are gonna leave you breathless.

80s sex videos in "Twisted Girls"

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


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