Rene Bond - Vintage lesbian sex tube


Name: Tom Peepers


Year: 1973

Duration: 54 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Actors: Rick Lutze,Duane Paulsen

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Actress: Rene Bond,Nancy Martin,Linda Broome

In a nice twist at the end, we learn that the private eye has been set up by none other than the narrator himself! In between, the Cavanaugh bedroom is the venue for something on the order of a Roman orgy! Superior ’70s porn and great fun! Voyeurism is the name or the game in Tom Peepers, as a nerdy delivery man (who’s given to exclaiming, "Gee Willickers!" at the sight of hardcore sex acts) cannot pass a window without peeping. "Thar wuz another winder ’n’ ah jest had t’ look!" (The narration sounds like some kind of half-wit cracker stream of consciousness, the product of acculturation that reached its zenith in the greased pig contest at the country fair.) Though our voyeur finds himself "gettin’ inteh this peepin’ thang mow ’n’ mow," he finds it all "mighty discombobulatin’!" Anyway, behind one window he finds RIC LUTZE plowing a Norwegian farmgirl. Behind another, RENE BOND is getting ridden like the perfect wave by a beach-boy type. Ah, Rene...In the end, after our peeper is caught by a pair of lovely lesbos, he acts on the ancient principle, "If you can’t peep ’em, join ’em.

Rene Bond - Vintage lesbian sex tube

Thursday, June 15, 2017


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